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The evolutionary Path

Yesterday I compared Path 2 with chop sticks, and I guess I referred to Instagram as the fork. I read the news about the upgrade, installed it, and went to work. I made a couple of path moments, and I realize now that Path has jumped past Instagram in its evolution from chop sticks into a swiss army knife. From what has been a very restrictive app, where you should/could use only single words to describe friends, places and things, you are now much more free in how you can comment your moments. You can also share a bunch of different stuff such as what you’re listening to, post a thought or place without a picture, when you wake and when you sleep etc. You can also have 150 friends instead of 50 (I wish). The app DO look good (chrashy for me though), and all the new features don’t overcomplicate the app too much. In fact, it was pretty neat to scroll through my own Path with moments from the past year.

However, with Instagram* still being just a fork, I’m not sure I prefer a swiss army knife. Often I just want to spinn up that plate of spaghetti carbonara and get on with it. And also, even if I wanted to “switch”, how could I get the people I already convinced to start using Instagram to switch as well? But at least, Path 2 is good enough to make me consider switching. It’s also available for Android which Instagram is not. So maybe I can start using Path to share moments with my Android friends? Because I want to use it. And that’s as good start as any.

*I use Instagram with a private profile and only share pictures with people I know.

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